Dear Fellowship Bible Church Awana Club! I am excited to be able to open Awana back up!! With all the craziness this past year, it will be great to get back to some more normal stuff. BUT…. It is going to look a bit different. Praise the Lord Masks are NOT Required but are optional. We are asking that families stay home if one person has had a fever in the last 24hrs OR they have been visibly sick. This is to help protect the entire club. Although we really want everyone to come, we understand that it may not be possible for some to return right away. Because of this, we are working on online/facetime/zoom options for handbook/verse listening. We do not want anyone to miss out because they are sick or unable to meet in person! Where possible, social distancing will be implemented, hand washing upon arrival, before, and after games.

Click here to enroll your child/children in this year's Awana program.

Beginning Sept. 9, 2020 6:25 PM #1 Arrival: When you get to the Fellowship Center, everyone will get to wash their hands with soap and water outside. We have a handwashing station set up for 6 kids at a time to wash their hands. If a clubber has eczema (and or issues with multiple hand washings) there will be a new 85% Aloe Vera Non-Alcohol Hand sanitizer available!
6:25-8:15 Cubbies and Puggles go directly to their rooms and small group pods will be utilized if necessary.
6:30-40 PM #2 No Whole Club Opening. The Club Commander and Secretary will be stopping by each class to open with prayer, Pledge, Cheer, and Awards.
6:40-7:15 Sparks Game Time, TNT Handbook Time. (Sparks wash hands after game time)
7:15-7:45 TNT Game Time, Sparks Handbook Time. (TNT wash hands before & after game time)
7:45-8:15 Sparks and TNT Council Time (May be large group spread out in the Gym or Sanctuary for a Zoom Speaker)
8:15 Parents Pick Up Clubbers from Rooms Directly This format is highly flexible and will PROBABLY change.