Update on Church Meeting & Activities


Dear Fellowship Family,

Most Church Meetings & Activities are canceled at this time. However, we are meeting for our Sunday Morning Service. Our doors are opening at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings, and the service is starting at 10:45. The leadership of the church has requested that those attending please wear masks from the front door to their seat. Seating is socially distanced, and once you are seated, please feel free to remove your mask if you would like. Our request is that if you leave your seat you please wear your mask. Seats are being disinfected after they are used. Ushers are handling the doors with gloves, and the bathrooms are being disinfected after each use. If you are a little more concerned about the Coronavirus and would like to, you may park on our Solms-Road-Side parking lot (not the parking lot on Morningside Dr.). All those who park on the Solms Rd. side of the Sanctuary will be dismissed early so as to avoid more people after the service.

For those not yet ready to attend in person, please follow this link to our Youtube Channel where our services are being live streamed HERE.

You can also find our older services and watch our most recent service if you missed the live stream.

Some of our small groups and Sunday Schools are meeting by using ZOOM. If you would like to join one of those small groups, please contact Pastor James at 830-420-6283 to get connected.

Seek God, pray hard, and stay in touch, brothers and sisters.



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